Sunday, May 15, 2011

getting it done

Thank goodness we have houseguests come every few months or so - forces us to clean the house ' stuff.  The latest installment is arriving Tues/Wed so Saturday was mostly chore-day: yardwork (H - with the assistance of a friendly neighbor with a rototiller - worked on contouring the north side lawn (full post on that project later) while I weeded and weeded and weeded), planting of veg in the backyard gardens, vacuuming, dusting, massive laundrying, putting ski stuff away (snif), etc.  We also found time to run around town looking for a reservoir for an old Platypus (no luck) as well as a quickie MTB ride in Dimple Dell.  The weather wasn't fantastic - partly sunny in the morning; showers and thundershowers (enough to panic the dog) in the afternoon) - but we accomplished a lot and Sunday promised to be better weather.

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