Monday, September 10, 2012

nothing doing

As this post's title might suggest, we didn't do much this past Saturday.  We had a big hike planned for Sunday (more on that later) and since I am finding that I am recovering much more slowly than I used to, I didn't want to do anything that would fatigue my legs too much.  H went on a road ride (somewhere around 38 miles, if I recall correctly) while B and I took a walk: halfway around our usual loop, then coming back through Dimple Dell.

It was a lovely day, clear and sunny - and B thought it was much too hot, not to mention too far since the Dimple Dell bit probably added close to another mile.  She actually stopped a couple of time in the shade and laid down for a minute or so, before getting back on her feet and bravely soldiering on.  I know, she's getting older - we think she's around eleven - and I should take care not to push her too far.  But she's been doing that drama queen/lie down when she doesn't want to walk since she was four; I just have to realize that she may not be crying wolf now.  We made it back to the house without incident and she was fine, just stared at me reproachfully ... until it was time for dinner and then all was forgiven.

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