Sunday, March 31, 2013

after the storm

It kept snowing, just a little, all through the night and by Sunday morning there were another couple of inches on the ground.  It was slightly warmer, with the sun peeking through the high, thin clouds, and with the warmer temperatures and less stormy conditions came more skiers.  People just don't like to ski when it's snowing - people other than H and me, that is.

Conditions were still fantastic

It turned out to be a good, solid day of post-storm skiing at Alta.  I wore my trusty little Volkls, knowing that everything would be tracked out.  It was a good call for me, since I can make the Volkls turn when I need them to, and they handled the chunky stuff just fine; the only time I wished for my Rossignols was when we hiked way, way in to Catherine's and did some runs in the really deep, scarcely tracked stuff.

A's eyes closed? Check!

Because of the colder temperatures, the snow held up really well.  Patrol got the Backside open and we got some good turns in on East Greely to Glitch/Glatch.  Devil's Castle never opened - which was too bad because it looked really good - but we spent a lot of time back on Supreme, playing around in Catherine's Area.  We didn't make it until closing chair this time, deciding to call it a day a little after 3:00 p.m.  That was okay, though, because we'd had two good days with that big ol' snowstorm.

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