Thursday, May 9, 2013


A couple of weekends ago, H suggested that we go out to dinner at Spice Bistro, a new(-ish) Indian restaurant in Holladay (6121 S. Highland Drive).  We love Indian food and have found a couple of pretty good restaurants not too far from our house but we're always eager to try something new.  We got there before 7 p.m. since I was hungry and there were a number of tables already seated and eating.

The restaurant space is absolutely huge: a small bar, big dining room and a spacious, walled courtyard.  We thought it was too chilly yet to sit outside but there were a couple of hardy souls out there, snuggled up under the heaters.  I think the space must have been a nightclub before it was Spice as there's also a dance floor, complete with mirror ball tucked away in the rafters.

The menu is correspondingly large and, unusually for an Indian place, has quite a few "American" items.  We skipped right over those - I'm not ordering fish tacos or pasta alfredo at an Indian restaurant.  The Indian side of the menu tends towards northern Indian cuisine and they have some Nepali stuff too (I was tempted by the momos).  H went with his favorite, chicken vindaloo, while I got a little crazy and ordered the goat curry.  Nobody ever serves goat!  We got an order of naan to mop up the good stuff and each ordered a beer; nothing is on tap but they have Utah microbrews in bottles.  At $5/bottle, it's a little steep.

The food was good and spiced appropriately.  My goat had bones in it and so I had to pick around those, and a little bit of gristle too, but it was tasty enough.  The prices were a little higher than our other two go-to Indian restaurants and the servings were a little smaller, so I'm not sure you really get the most bang for your buck at Spice Bistro.  It would be a great place for summertime al fresco dining, however, out there in the courtyard under the trees.

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