Saturday, March 8, 2014

luna blanca

At long last, we've given a new restaurant a try (seriously, it's been since my birthday that we've gone out to a not-on-the-regular-rotation place): Luna Blanca Taqueria. Located not far from the bottom of Big Cottonwood Canyon (3158 E 6200 S, Holladay), this is a relatively new, casual place, serving homemade Mexican food and a variety of cocktails.  It isn't a real taqueria, not scruffy and authentic like Lone Star Taqueria; here, they serve blood orange margaritas (which sounded delicious and I'm so getting one of those next time).

Chips and salsa, Full Suspension in the background

It was fairly busy when we got there, with a twenty-five minute wait for a two-person table, but there were seats available at the side bar and we took them.  Service was good, with a bartender taking our drink order (pitcher of Full Suspension, naturally) within minutes of our sitting down and circling back in a timely fashion for our food order.  We got chips and salsa to start ($3.00), with house-fried tortilla chips and three flavorful homemade salsas - the house hot sauce doubled as the third salsa and it was terrific.  I probably shouldn't have eaten as many chips as I did but they were tasty.  For entrees, I got the pork quesadilla ($8.00), which was very big, while H went with the braised chicken burrito ($9.00), smothered with green sauce.  The pork in my quesadilla was good, flavorful and tender.  H's burrito was fine but kind of bland: the green sauce tasted good when it first hit the tongue, but there was absolutely no lingering flavor, and the chicken seemed unseasoned so that the interior of the burrito tasted more like sour cream than anything else.  We gave a food grade of decidedly average, although we certainly didn't delve too deeply into the menu.

This doesn't show how huge the quesadilla was

The drinks list looked good, with the aforementioned blood orange/tequila "Luna Moonrise," a whiskey lemonade and a grapefruit soda (Fresca?) and tequila cocktail, among others.  I assume that Luna Blanca requires a food order whilst drinking but it seems like it would be a good spot to sip a cocktail and munch some chips and salsa on a sunny afternoon sometime.  We may have to give that a try this spring, although I don't think we'll be working this place into our regular rotation.

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