Sunday, April 27, 2014

timing is everything

And weather - weather is everything too.  We've really been getting hosed on our late season spring skiing lately.  Last Sunday was spectacular but other than that, we've been getting beautiful sunny days M-F and drizzly, windy, cloudy, snowy (in the mountains) weather on the weekends.  We've hit our goals for ski days this season - H wanted 50 and I wanted 40; we're at 51 and 43, respectively right now - so we have decided that it's okay not to go skiing when it's drizzly/cloudy/windy/snowy now that it's late April.  Alta and Snowbird (the only two ski resorts still open) actually got hit with a big storm this weekend, garnering over a foot of new snow from Friday night through Sunday morning.  But we looked at the webcams (socked in) and the weather forecast (30s and wet) and went out to breakfast instead.

We tried a new-to-us place, Penny Ann's Cafe (1810 S. Main Street, SLC).  The restaurant is tiny but has a nice shaded patio for outdoor seating in warmer weather.  We waited ten or so minutes and got seats at the counter.  Tables were turning over quickly and it was busy, even well before 9 a.m.  The staff was very friendly and attentive, even if it looked like they were overstaffed by two or three people.  The menu is extensive although not overwhelming, with lots of omelet options, several offerings with chile verde (pork chile verde skillet, smothered burrito and breakfast nachos!) and the house-special sour cream pancakes.  H went with the Washington omelet (bacon, ham, sausage and pepper jack cheese) and while I was tempted by several possibilities - including the sausage gravy and biscuits and the fried scone (!!), I went with the corned beef hash and two eggs over medium.  It wasn't the spiciest corned beef hash I've had but it was served with a nice crispy crust from the grill; the eggs were cooked perfectly, not overdone as "over medium" is often served.

I did see a couple of customers with pie for breakfast, including one guy with a huge slice of still-warm banana cream.  Apparently Penny Ann's is known for their pies and next time we go there, that's what I'm having.  I haven't had pie for breakfast in ages and it's high time to remedy that.  I'm not sure how I'll ever be able to choose - dark chocolate mango, coconut cream, Kentucky bourbon ... - but I'm willing to try more than one slice if that's what it takes.

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