Sunday, May 11, 2014

first weekend without skiing

Ah, shoulder season, in which we are a bit at a loss as to what to do.  Alta has shut down for the summer (although Snowbird is still open and has gotten a bunch of snow this week; they did have to shut down today because of 65 m.p.h. winds, however).  There's too much snow to hike in the canyons and some cold, wet weather has settled in (feels like 39 F in the valley), making hiking on the Bonneville Shoreline trail unappealing.  We had intended to go to Moab this weekend but something came up so we couldn't go; they have been getting a ton of rain down there too - over 1.25 inches at Arches National Park and over 2 inches at Canyonlands - so even if we'd gone, activity would have been limited.

So we've just been skulking around the house, doing laundry, vacuuming, making chocolate chip cookies, watching cycling (Tour of California) and soccer (RSL and the Premier League), and looking forward to better weather.  One thing to get excited about: Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort has announced the line-up for its family-friendly movies outside under the night skies.  It's mostly pretty fantastic:

  • The Incredibles - the best superhero movie
  • The Princess Bride - beloved classic
  • The Sandlot - filmed right here in SLC
  • The Truman Show - meh
  • Frozen - where the audience is sure to be packed with tiny girls
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark - again, classic
  • Rocky IV - it's the one in Russia, apparently
  • Willow - hooray for 1980s fantasy!
  • Jurassic Park - those dinosaurs totally hold up
  • Hook - aw, Bob Hoskins as Smee
  • The Dark Crystal - double-hooray for 1980s puppet fantasy!

Nicely done, Snowbird.  There's something for everyone there: a couple of sports movies, a couple of animated flicks, adventure and fantasy, all under the cool skies and bright stars over the Wasatch Mountains.

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