Thursday, July 3, 2014

no crashes

I'll admit it: my MTB crash last weekend shook me up more than I thought it would have.  All told, the injuries were quite minor - all sizzle and no steak as H says - and yet the tumble knocked my confidence level back to early season levels when we got back on the MTBs on Sunday.

Riding, not falling - yay!

It was a gorgeous day out in Park City, sunny, cloudless and warm, with a slight breeze (which would, OF COURSE, turn into a headwind on the last leg home).  The trails were busier than last week but not terribly so; the recent rains had packed down the dust, leaving the riding surface in good shape.  Although H bounced back completely, riding up Pladsen Hill again* and easily conquering the corner that he'd had trouble with last weekend (afterwards he noted that it was much better to ride over the rocks as compared to falling on top of them), I was very cautious, especially on the rocky bits, putting my foot down on all three of the corners that worry me - including getting off the bike and full-on walking down last weekend's crash site - and having to walk up five of the Sweet Sixteen switchbacks (instead of my usual three).  I was disappointed in my performance but happy to not have fallen over at all.  Hopefully next week I will be back on track, using this more timid/injury-free ride as a confidence builder.

* He got some applause from four other MTBers who were paused at the top of Pladsen Hill and saw him ride up.  He thanked them, after he'd caught his breath enough to speak.  I got no applause from pushing my bike up that hill, however.

It's all about the apres

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