Thursday, August 28, 2014

sun valley, idaho - last day

Our weather luck broke on Tuesday, our last day, with it raining right where we were and to the south and east of us.  We breakfasted at Perry's again: it was very crowded in there with locals; our food choices (H: french toast and A: granola, fruit and yogurt parfait) were not quite as successful as they had been the day before.  After breakfast we packed up and checked out, and drove to the Adams Gulch trail head, as recommended by Sturtevants in Ketchum.

Post-ride, Adams Gulch

The bike shop had been sold out of the official trail map but gave us a photocopy of a hand-drawn map for general guidance.  Under cloudy but clearing skies, we started out on Shadyside, hoping to hook up with Adams Gulch or something else to make a loop.  The trails were in great shape, mostly smooth and generally not rocky or rutted.  The trails seemed to be randomly marked and numbered, however, and not consistent with our little map.  We ended up taking Shadyside until it did get a little rocky, and then rode out on Eve's Gulch at a steady climb until it got too steep, then reversed our course - which was pretty much downhill all the way.  We were impressed with all the hikers, dog walkers, trail runners and few MTBers who were out there on the trails with us - it was late morning on a Tuesday, after all.

Post-post ride

Our camera's batteries died as we were out on the trails, so we didn't get any pictures out there.  When we got back to the truck, after a short ride of about seven miles, we re-examined the map board at the trail head; it made a lot more sense after we'd been out there riding around for a while.

At this point, we needed to get back on the road.  So we did, but stopped for lunch in Hailey at the Sun Valley Brewery (202 N. Main Street).  We had Cranky Uber IPAs (very good) and sandwiches (reuben for H and pulled pork for me (nothing special)), all served by a surly bartender.  It was a funky space in a former garage and apparently they have a lot of live music throughout the summer.  After lunch we couldn't put it off and longer and headed back to SLC, in time to liberate B from the kennel.  One more great, western, long weekend in the books.

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