Wednesday, October 22, 2014

another fine day

Man oh man, the fall weather has just been so good lately!  We had another spectacular day on Sunday and went over to Round Valley to take advantage of it with a MTB ride.  Bonus: no huge high school MTB race!  We had to wait a while for it to warm up as it was in the 30s in Park City when we got up.  So we puttered around, had bacon and eggs and watched the sun come up over the Wasatch Mountains before we deemed it warm enough to go.

My shirt matches the sky!

It was just a great day to ride.  The sun was warm and the wind nearly non-existent; there was hardly anyone out on the trails.  I had a strong climb up My Nemesis and H got applauded by two hikers when he rode to the top of Pladsden (a/k/a Hammerhead) Hill.  I happily rode the new-to-me section of trail instead of taking the bike path and, as I neared the top of the Staircase, had just enough breath to gasp out, "Behind you!" to the guy walking his bike up this hill.  He jumped out of the way and I pedaled past, gratified to have actually passed someone on a hill for once.

We stopped at our picnic spot en route to Guardsman Pass and it was extremely pleasant: still sunny, still no wind.  The aspens are all but past now, with just a few patches of gold yet blazing from the surrounding hillsides.  We drank our beers and ate our snacks and soaked up the sun.  Who knows how many more days like this we'll get before winter decides to settle in!

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