Friday, February 6, 2015

not quite super, but pretty good, sunday

Ah, Superbowl Sunday - where the skiing is crowded in the morning and clears out in the afternoon, quite the reverse of Christmas Day.  It was definitely colder than Saturday (no new snow) but temperatures warmed up as the day went on; clouds moved in afternoon (no new snow) and once the light got flat, we left around.  We started with several runs on Collins, then did several on Sugarloaf, then moved over to Supreme.

After lunch, we were back to Sugarloaf and Supreme for afternoon.  The low snow conditions made for very entertaining lift rides, as we watched all sorts of people hiking through Angina Chute and Aorta, desperate for fresh snow and trying to get to Triple By Pass.  They were getting stuck on cliffs and rocks, side-slipping halfway down the bowl, losing skis.  I had some friendly lift rides whilst in Sugarloaf singles line too.  There was an older couple from Bellingham, Washington, and the wife's brother from Sweden - I'd ridden with their other Swedish brother on Saturday.  And then there were the three guys in their mid-30s who intrigued by Triple By Pass; when I mentioned that they might want their rock skis in case they got fetched up on a cliff in there, they insisted that I explain what I meant by "rock skis*" and "fetched up**."

We did do a couple of runs into Catherine's Area in the afternoon.  Our favorite glade had stiffened up overnight, but on our second run in we didn't go quite so far and while it was beaten down, it was still soft.  I actually skied that bit well enough that H commented on it!  We did get tired of skiing the same thing over and over again, however, and left around 3:30 p.m., noting that the parking lot was emptying rapidly as people left to get to their Superbowl parties.  We didn't really watch the game ourselves but had homemade buffalo wings and checked in on the Puppy Bowl instead.  It was a good weekend - but we are really anxious to get some winter weather going here.

* Old beater skis you wear when you think you'll hit a lot of rocks and don't care about the bases.

** Caught or stuck on top of something.

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