Wednesday, June 3, 2015

drying out

We weren't sure that we were going to be able to go MTBing on Sunday, given all the rain we've had (over 400% of normal in some northern Utah places).  H checked the trail conditions in the morning, which said that Round Valley had "variable conditions ... please turn around when you encounter mud."  It hadn't rained for three days, however, so we thought we could chance it.  We loaded up the MTBs and the camp chairs and the snacks and headed off moderately early, getting back on the bike path around 9:30 a.m.

It was a good thing we decided to ride because it was a very nice day.  Sunny, mostly clear and with a light breeze, the temperature was pleasant and the trails - at least the ones comprising our regular loop - were dry.  There weren't many other people out when we started either, just a few trail runners and dog walkers, which was nice - and surprising, given how beautiful the day was; by the time we were heading back to the truck, however, there were lots more folks out on their bikes.  The wildlife sightings were pretty good too: several deer, a rabbit, a red-tailed hawk, numerous squirrelly-type critters and one teeny tiny snake.

Cresting the top of the "Sweet
Sixteen" switchbacks (Rambler)

I rode fairly well, even though I was having trouble focusing for some reason: I rode up My Nemesis and the Staircase just fine, although I did put my foot down on a couple of Sweet Sixteen switchbacks that I had ridden before.  H charged up Hammerhead Hill like it was nothing - the recent rains meant the dirt was compacted and not sandy, making it easier for his tires to grip.

Our Round Valley MTB loop

After our ride, we made our way up and over Guardsman Pass, now open for the season, pausing in our favorite picnic spot for sandwiches and a couple of beers.  Hawks and buzzards rode the winds high above us while songbirds flitted around in the surrounding trees.  Seems like summer is moving in.

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