Monday, August 31, 2015

wind out of the south

While we had had a pleasant cool-down the week before, hot temperatures have returned to northern Utah, especially on Saturday as a constant wind blew in from the south, bringing heat and dryness with it.  There's a lot of weather activity building out over the Pacific, however, so that may bring moisture and cooler temperatures our way soon (and then hopefully lots and lots of lows/troughs for snow in the winter).  Regardless, it was definitely warmer for our MTB ride than it has been for us lately.

We got on the trail a little before 9:30 a.m. and even though 10 a.m. seems to be the go-to start time for Park City guided MTB rides, we really didn't see that many people out on the trails.  There were a bunch of dog walkers at the start - including one wonderfully trained off-leash standard poodle who, when he saw me coming, got off the trail and sat down without his owner telling him - and then just a few MTBers heading up the sagebrush switchbacks of Ramble On while we were going down.  What we did have a whole lot of was that wind: gusty and hot, not cooling at all.  It was in our faces for the outbound portion of the paved bike path; I had unrealistic hopes that that meant we would have a tailwind for the return.  (Spoiler:  it was not to be.)

Motoring down Valderoad

Although I had a couple of spastic bike handling moments, I rode pretty well: staying right on H's wheel for the climb up the My Nemesis hill and moving pretty well through the newer section of trail (not quite "flowing" but close-ish), although the middle step of the Staircase was a bit of a struggle.  H, of course, looked strong even when his rear wheel spun a bit in the middle of Hammerhead (he needs a new tire, obviously.)  When we finished the dirt track, heading back towards town on the paved bike path, I was dismayed - but not surprised, not really - to note that the wind had shifted enough that we had a bit of a headwind, warm and gusty.  (Seriously, tailwinds are more elusive than unicorns.)  It made us thirsty, pedaling uphill into the wind, so thirsty that we had to drink our post-ride beers in the parking lot, rather than waiting to go to the picnic spot.  It's important to stay hydrated, y'all.  We drink beer for science.

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