Wednesday, September 9, 2015

nearly private trails

As it turns out, the Sunday of the long Labor Day weekend is a really good time to MTB in Round Valley.  On previously holidays (Memorial Day, I'm looking at you), the trails have been swarming with people and it has felt like we were spending more time off the bike than on it.  But not this past Sunday, not this Labor Day weekend.  I guess most people had other places to be and you know what? I'm fine with that.

The sky was actually blue - just too bright
and washed out my phone

It was actually pretty chilly first thing in the morning on Sunday, temperatures ranging from 46 F at home and down to 40 F in Park City.  This necessitated a later-than-usual departure (9:30 a.m.), which got me concerned about how busy the trails might be; I like it when we go early because, as mentioned in prior posts, the guided rides don't seem to hit the trails until 10 a.m.  It had warmed up to 55 F upon arrival at our usual in-town trailhead.  I started out wearing my arm warmers which was a good idea for the downhill start, but by the time we got to the dirt trails at Quinn's Trailhead I had warmed up enough to shed them.

We should plant something like this in our yard

There were a number of trail-runners and dog walkers out at that point (a lot of the dog walkers were wearing lightweight down jackets which I, in my shorts and tank top, thought was perhaps overkill) but at first we didn't share the trails with any other MTBers.  We largely had the place to ourselves for the first third of the ride, only coming upon other riders on Valderoad, after Hammerhead Hill.  From there wheeled traffic was sporadic: the Sweet Sixteen switchbacks were all-clear but there were a bunch of folks right at the top, but the descent through the sagebrush switchbacks down to Round Valley Express was empty again, and Ramble On/Rambler for the return were pretty sparsely populated too.


It was a really good ride, which I hadn't expected: light trail use, bright sunshine (although high, thin clouds started moving in after noon) and great temperatures, cool but not cold.  It was 62 F and the wind was picking up at the picnic spot near Guardsman Pass, so I got cold and we didn't linger too long.  I have to say, that spate of cooler weather has gotten us jonesing for a change in seasons. Whitefish, Montana, apparently got some snow yesterday or last night - we're ready.  Bring it on.

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