Tuesday, August 16, 2016

august visitors

H's parents are our most frequent visitors but up until now, they haven't gotten to experience much nice weather, instead enjoying varying degrees of rain and snow in March, May, October and November.  We encouraged them to give the summer a try and they ended up timing it just right, coming out for a five day trip under clear blue skies and temperatures no higher than the low 90s.

Mineral Basin

Because the weather was so nice, we were able to get out in it more than we have during their prior visits: doing a scenic drive over the Mt. Nebo loop, then up to Sundance for a beer at the Owl Bar; and spending time in both Big Cottonwood Canyon (breakfast on the deck at the Silver Fork Lodge, where the hummingbirds were out in force, and a trip over Guardsman Pass to Park City) and Little Cottonwood Canyon (a hike to Cecret Lake at Alta and a chairlift ride up Snowbird).  We especially lucked out at Snowbird: spotting a moose from the Peruvian chair and then getting to see the last of the wildflowers in Mineral Basin.

The boys at Cecret Lake

The relaxed pace also allowed time for cocktails on the patio while the Wasatch mountains turned pink with alpenglow, casting a rosy light on some summer vacation.

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