Friday, November 4, 2016

shoulder season snippets

Oops - that week just went and got away from me!  We are in full shoulder season around here, extended by the fact that after a bunch of warm rainstorms, a ridge of high pressure has parked itself over the mountain west: first it was too damp and blustery to get out on the trails, and now, even though it's gotten a little colder, it's dry and sunny and there is no snow to speak of in the mountains.  We'll have to see how this plays out - some ski areas, including Alta, are supposed to open in just a couple weeks.

We did pick up our season passes, which is always a joyful day, but other than that, haven't been doing much.  We've put away the patio furniture and cleaned up the backyard.  But I've refused to do any raking until more leaves come off the big tree out front, plus it's been too windy to rake anyway.  This must annoy our neighbor to no end - he prefers a spotless lawn - but since he's retired, I figure it gives him something to do, picking up the leaves that blow from our yard to his.  (Plus the neighbors on the other side of him haven't raked yet either and they have way more trees/leaves than we do.)

Hopefully the weather will change soon, giving us storms and snow and something to write about here!

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