Wednesday, January 4, 2017

new year's day

We really didn't know what to expect for New Year's Day, being a Sunday with no new snow.  It was chilly too, windy, with the sun quickly disappearing behind the gathering clouds.  We started out with a few runs at Collins and Sugarloaf, H on his telemark skis, before I took off for Supreme to try to warm up with a hike into and run through Catherine's Area.  It was skiing okay for being all beaten down and I certainly didn't have to hike in too far to get the place to myself.

By lunchtime, H had gotten pretty chilled and my feet were quite cold.  We did a few more runs after lunch but H's legs got fatigued early, this being his sixth day in a row on teles.  I briefly considered skiing a little bit longer - we had taken the bus up so H could just pick me up at the bus stop later - but decided that I was tired of being cold and called it a day as well.  The down-canyon bus wasn't crowded and by the time we got back to the valley, we were thrilled to see that the winds had cleared out the inversion.  Those winds were the forefront of a storm that came in overnight - we were excited to see what the next day might bring.

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