Wednesday, September 23, 2009

in the beginning

It's been a long road, but it looks as though H and I may actually be moving to Salt Lake City. This is the timeline he constructed for me:

July 2007 - his trip to Colorado - I was open to the idea of the move
October 2007 - our trip to Utah - I liked the idea
June 2008 - we made the plan - pretty sure I loved the idea
July 2008 - another trip to Utah - definitely loved the idea
August 2008 - we listed the house - excited about the move
November 2008 - Thanksgiving - sad we hadn't moved
December 2008 - pre-Christmas ice storm - frustrated we hadn't moved
January 2009 - another major snow storm - depressed we hadn't moved
March 2009 - the weather finally broke - hopeful we'd eventually move
April 2009 - when I pay $31 to license the dog - over the edge

I should maybe explain that "over the edge" thing. It cost me $31 (instead of $7) to license the crazy dog because we were in the "second tier" of forgetting to license her and the town no longer sends reminder postcards because of budgetary cutbacks. So, they raised our taxes and cut services, and I had Just Had It at that point. (Luckily I remembered in the second tier and not the third, which would have run me closer to $100.)

Anyway, finally, at the beginning of August 2009, after 77+ showings and a year on the market, our house went under contract. And now the closing is in one week and as soon as that's over, we're heading west.

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