Wednesday, September 23, 2009

in the interim

I'm pretty stressed about packing - although H assures me everything will be done on time - so I won't be posting much before the Move; and it'll take us a little while to find an apartment and hook back up to the internet once we get to SLC, so please bear with us. (There will be plenty of time for posting once we're settled, however, since I don't have a job yet.)

So to keep you entertained, here are links to posts I wrote about Utah on my other blog, Friend Mouse Speaks:

Our first vacation there in October 2007; an exploration of SLC-area brewpubs; more Utah brewpubs; and a review of Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer. There's also a list of things I will and won't miss about Maine which isn't strictly speaking about Utah, but as the reason I will/won't be missing them is because I'm moving to Utah, is sort of related.

There are also some links over there on the left to Utah-specific sites, things that I find interesting and/or worth exploring. I'll definitely be adding to those in the months to come.

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