Friday, October 12, 2012

arches redux

We went back to Arches first thing (well, after breakfast and a coffee run) and headed straight out to the end of the auto road, where you can walk out to Landscape Arch, picnic at Devil's Garden, etc.

The view from the parking lot is even good

It was a gorgeous, clear day - but about 25 degrees colder than the day before.  When we got out of the car to walk down to Pine Tree Arch, the wind whistled through the stone fins and I immediately wished I'd worn (a) longer pants and (b) socks.

Brrrr in the shade!

Although a tour bus had just dismounted and its hordes were milling around at the trailhead, we got down to Pine Tree Arch alone and amazingly had it all to ourselves.

Contemplating Pine Tree Arch

H and I were really thrilled that the skies were so clear after our previous Moab trip had been so hazy with the wildfire smoke.

Looking out past Pine Tree Arch

We swung by the Delicate Arch trailhead to check out the petroglyphs and the historic Wolfe Ranch.  Amazing to think that a whole family - grandfather, parents, children - lived in that tiny one room cabin.  But it was a good place to raise stock since there was a year-round water source, so you work with what you've got.

L and P pose in front of their new Utah vacation home

The park was starting to get busy again.  It was time to move on and see what else we could see.

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