Sunday, November 25, 2012

even more west

We went even more west for Thanksgiving this year, due to a very nice invitation from our friend R, who asked us to join him, his wife C, and their children out in the San Francisco area.  So last Wednesday, after I worked a half day and H skied a half day, we hopped on a plane for the coast.  Our visit was long overdue: we hadn't seen C for about six years and we'd never met any of their three kids.  After some initial shyness, oldest boy N (6-ish) and daughter T (3-ish) warmed right up to us; the youngest, M, is not quite a year yet and was not quite sure what to think about his schedule being so completely disrupted.  N and T are really nice kids (and I'm not just saying that because they read this blog with their father), funny, well-behaved and smart: they're fluent in three languages at present - Italian, which their mom speaks to them, German, which their dad speaks to them, and English, which everyone else speaks to them.  It's impressive.

The holiday weekend weather was spectacular: sunny, clear and low 60s, which enabled us to do a fair amount.  C and I went out Thanksgiving morning for a run/walk with one of her friends; R, H, N, T and I walked for a couple of miles around their neighborhood before Thanksgiving dinner; Saturday, before we left to go back home, we drove to the coast and played on a beach for a while, poking at crabs in tidal pools.  On Friday, N wanted to "climb a mountain" since that's what H and I do out here in Utah, so all six of us had a nice stroll in the rolling foothills between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific.  N and T had pinwheels attached to their backpacks which is something I may have to consider for next summer.

Ready to climb a mountain!

We had a lovely time visiting with R and his family, and we really appreciate their adding us to their already-busy lives for the holiday.  We hope that the rest of you reading this had just as a happy Thanksgiving holiday with friends and loved ones as we did.


  1. A and H,
    We had a wonderful time with you on your visit. Thanks for coming to see us on Thanksgiving weekend. Some pinwheels are waiting for you for next year. We hope to climb a real mountain with you and maybe ski down it someday soon. Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

    With love from,
    N, T and M

  2. Hi there, N, T and M - thanks for reading our blog and taking the time to comment! We had so much fun meeting you and spending time with you and your parents. Come and visit us anytime and we'll show you what Utah mountains look like in person! Hugs to you all and happy holidays - xoxo A and H