Tuesday, July 16, 2013

how we roll, sometimes

H and I try to stay active, given our office jobs, taking advantage of our proximity to the Wasatch Front as much as we can.  That said, sometimes we have quieter weekends due to uncooperative weather or just being unable to get up and get going.  It doesn't happen often, now that we're out in Utah, but it does happen occasionally.

There was no lack of motivation Friday night as we grabbed banh mi from Oh Mai and headed up to Snowbird to watch Cool Runnings for their Family Flicks night.  Despite temperatures in the 90s in the valley, I layered up for the evening with jeans, wool socks, hiking boots, a long sleeve shirt and a hooded fleece; I was perfectly dressed for the cool evening air up at the resort.  There was a decent crowd - not as many as last summer's season closer of The Princess Bride - and it was fun to see the movie again in such a beautiful setting.

Saturday was our down day.  H went out for a road ride in the morning but I dithered around, not getting my act together until noon when I decided I should go for a run if I wasn't going to hike - which I wasn't, since thunderstorms have been moving through the area on a regular basis in the afternoons.  It was the first time I've run outside since last fall and I had to walk the last part of my hill climb, more because I was overheating than because my legs couldn't take it.  We stayed hunkered down for the afternoon, watching soccer on television: the U.S. national team spanking Cuba 4-1 at Rio Tinto Stadium for the CONCACAF tournament; and RSL winning for the first time ever in Texas, beating FC Dallas 3-0, despite having lost three of their top players (goalie Nick Rimando, Kyle Beckerman and Tony Beltran) to the U.S. team.

Pausing to enjoy the views

We managed to get up and get going on Sunday, however, going up to SLC for breakfast at The Other Place before heading over to Park City for a little MTBing.  The Round Valley trails have held up, with the recent rains keeping the dust packed down.  I didn't climb quite as well this time (perhaps bacon and eggs are not the ideal pre-ride fuel for me) but I felt like I was descending better than I have been.  We were surprised to learn that in the nine days since we'd last been to Round Valley, the Park City trail crew had improved our regular loop, removing an eroded, rocky section (that I struggled with) by cutting some new dirt switchbacks through the scrub oaks.  The new section is a little tight in some spots through the trees but I definitely preferred it to those rocks.  Bravo to Park City for taking such good care of its trails!

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