Thursday, July 4, 2013

lake powell - pt. 5

Friday was our last day on Lake Powell: we'd opted for the Monday through Friday tour in hopes of avoiding the weekend crowds.  As we puttered around that morning in our Moki side canyon, having breakfast (melon, pancakes, bacon, coffee, PBR), packing and cleaning, we were serenaded by a small, very active school of striped bass that kept rising to the surface to flap around and feed.  No one on our boat was able to catch any of them despite their apparent morning hunger.

My dad at the wheel

It started to get hot quickly as we pulled out of Moki, even with the breeze in the main channel.  We didn't have far to go to get back to Bullfrog and as we cruised south, we were met and passed by scores of watercraft - of all sizes - booking it north for the weekend.  We turned in our boats, unloaded our gear and hit the road for home.

Still smiling on the last day

On an acquaintance's recommendation, we stopped for a late lunch at Blondie's in Hanksville for burgers and milkshakes.  It took a while to get our order, in part because the shakes are hand-made one at a time.  The burgers were pretty good, the fries frozen and not worth it, and the shakes - my folks and I opted for chocolate malts while everyone else had just chocolate - were thick enough to require spoons.  Thus sated, we cruised back up to home, getting back in time to liberate B one night early from the kennel, where she was glad to see us, and we her.  We were all also glad to get to take showers: a week on a houseboat does some funky things to your hair!  That night we were all squeaky clean, enjoying actual cold beverages with ice cubes and appreciating the delicious mid-70 degree temperatures.

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