Saturday, October 12, 2013

october visitors

Our recent house guests were H's parents, back to visit for a record sixth time.  We lucked out on the weather for a change: it has sometimes been hit-or-miss, with 5 F in December, 60s in St. George in May and early fall snows for some of their prior visits.  This time it was clear and cool, with the rains holding off until the day of their departure.

Because of the nice weather, one day we were able to take a scenic drive from American Fork to Sundance, up and over the Alpine Loop.  We took a chairlift ride to admire the stunning scenery (and H and I marked out another hike to do at another time) and then admired the old bar at the Owl Bar over beers.

Visions in blue

Another day found us on a moose hunt, driving over Guardsman Pass to Park City, then over the Jeremy Ranch Road to Morgan County, looping around to come back down Emigration Canyon.  Moose count: zero. We didn't let this get us down too much, however, and went up to Snowbird for Octoberfest.  The place was mobbed with people, largely due to the spectacular weather.  We enjoyed beers, kettle corn, polka music and a tram ride.  H's parents, who live in upstate New York, figured that 11,000 feet was as high as they'd ever been with their feet on the ground.  Again, the views were stunning and we were able to point out to them some of the places we've skied.  Moose count: zero, but several big mule deer were spotted from the tram.

Atop Hidden Peak with Alta in the background

Their last day out here I had to go back to work, so H, his folks and B went out to Antelope Island.  Moose count: zero, but hundreds of bison, pronghorn antelope, mule deer and birds.  Maybe next time we'll bag H's mom her first moose (visually speaking, not with a gun) - we'll need to since after six visits we're running out of new stuff for them to see in the greater SLC area!

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