Saturday, October 19, 2013

worth the wait

Last night I was in the mood for Mexican food and suggested to H that we travel all the way up town to the Red Iguana (736 W. North Temple; also 866 W. South Temple).  Although  I love their food, I am very particular about when to go to the Red Iguana; because it is so popular, there's always a wait, which means standing outside, which is unpleasant in the blast-furnace heat of summer and frigid cold of winter.  Mid-spring and mid-fall are better.  It was in the low 50s as we waited to be seated, huddled under the glowing heaters and sipping hot cider the restaurant thoughtfully provides, watching the full moon rise over the mountains.

Once seated, we were given water, chips and homemade salsa immediately, followed quickly by our waiter to take our drink order (Dos Equis for H and a margarita for me, rocks with salt).  Despite the gargantuan menu, we took little time deciding what to have for dinner.  H had two chile verde burritos and I had the mole coloradito.  The Red Iguana is particularly known for their moles and that's what I go for.  The coloradito is made with pine nuts, almonds, peanuts, sesame seeds, ancho and guajillo chiles, chile poblano and Mexican chocolate and served over grilled pork loin.  The pork was sliced thinly and a little tough, but the mole was the important part and if I could have licked my plate clean I would have.  This is the fourth of their moles that I've tried: it was a little salty but the depth of flavor is amazing.  The mole negro is still my favorite - I have four more to try before I've had all their regular ones.

If you're ever in Salt Lake City, and you like Mexican food, you should go to the Red Iguana.  It's worth the wait every time.

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