Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the easy way to 11,000 feet

Looking at Baldy from Hidden Peak

It was absolutely gorgeous in the valley on Sunday.  After a leisurely morning (and early afternoon) of bacon and eggs and house chores, we decided to head up to Snowbird for their last Customer Appreciation Days.  As before, we brought some non-perishable food items which we exchanged for two free tram tickets and rode to the top of Hidden Peak.  Since it was a Sunday, it wasn't quite as busy as when we did this the last time, and although it was chilly, the sun was out and the wind was negligible.

View towards American Fork

We brought some beers with us and found a spot to sit on some cribworks, looking to the east out over Mineral Basin.  We weren't the only ones who'd had that idea: a small group was having wine and cheese on the picnic table by the tram landing; and another couple was perched on the same cribworks, enjoying wine in their stainless steel and plastic wine goblets.

Sugarloaf and the backside of Devil's Castle

The views were pretty spectacular and we were able to watch folks hiking along the snowcat track below us, as well as people up on the summits of Baldy and Sugarloaf, just across the way at Alta.  We drank the last of our Wyoming-strength beers, tipping out a few drops to the snow gods, asking them to bring a lot of the white stuff to our Wasatch mountains.  As much as we were enjoying the late fall sunshine, it's nearing winter and it's time for some snow.

The last can of Pako's

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