Wednesday, December 18, 2013

just barely back in the bumps

Then came Sunday, just like Saturday (except without it being International Women's Ski Day): sunny, clear skies, no lines, no new snow.  It was a wee bit warmer, starting in the low 20s and finishing in the low 30s, but still cold enough that what snow we do have was holding its own.  We stuck to the same routine too, doing a number of runs in the sun at Sugarloaf before moving over to Supreme.
Sunny day at the top of Collins chair

Just before lunch, H did a run in Catherine's Area.  I didn't, instead testing my early-season legs on a short bumps section on Upper Big Dipper.  I found a couple of rocks but it still felt pretty good; later, H and I did that section another couple of times and we learned that if we stayed way skier's left, it was actually kind of soft.  Kind of.  Three of those mini bumps runs were all I was able to do - it is still way too early in the season for me in there.

We moved to the front side for a few runs towards the end of our day.  I wasn't crazy about it there, since it was very skied off.  We called it quits about 2:30 p.m. and were shocked to see the parking lot nearly full when we drove off - it certainly hadn't seemed crowded to us.  It's about to get crowded, though, with some snow in the forecast and Christmas vacation week bearing down upon us.

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