Thursday, December 5, 2013

long weekend

Friday and Saturday were more of the same: no new snow, blue skies and sunshine, hard pack and short lift lines.  We didn't rush up to the mountain but still got several hours in each day, doing laps first on the Sugarloaf chair and then over on Collins.  The Wildcat chair was turning but we didn't see any point in going over there; there's some pretty rough terrain off that chair if there isn't much snow.  We stuck to groomers for the most part although H did find a gully with some decent snow in it.  I followed him in there and quickly realized that my early season legs are in no shape for any size of moguls.  I need to do more squats, lunges and leg presses!

New soft shell (which won't be warm
enough to wear all winter, unfortunately)

The clouds moved in for Sunday, making the light very flat.  We didn't get any new snow that day - although we did get a storm that brought arctic temperatures and about 18" of powder to the mountains by the end of Tuesday - so we opted out of skiing.  Laundry, cleaning the house, baking cookies and watching Arrested Development reruns finished off our long Thanksgiving weekend.

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