Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 long weekend in moab, pt. 4

As the cliche goes, all great long weekends in Moab must come to an end, and ours ended on Sunday.  Our luck had held with the weather until then, with showers and thunderstorms scheduled to roll in late morning/early afternoon.  That was okay - it would make it easier to head home.  We switched things up a little for our last day by not getting up at 6 a.m., aiming for 7-7:30 a.m. instead.  We packed up all our stuff, putting on MTB gear and leaving aside a change of dry clothes - we couldn't leave without one more time on the trails!

Looking northwest from Rusty Spur

Breakfast was different too since the Moab Diner is closed on Sundays (which is just baffling to us: a breakfast joint, in a tourist town, closed on Sundays).  We went to the Love Muffin Cafe (139 N. Main Street, Moab) instead, which was a great, busy, local place where the average age of the staff and customers skewed much younger than the Moab Diner.  They have a full coffee bar and serve breakfast until noon and sandwiches all day, so you can get your lunch to go when you stop in for your morning caffeine fix.  The sandwiches sounded delicious but we stuck to the breakfast side of the menu: I got a "breakfast muffin," with blueberries, maple and bacon; H got a Wescial burrito stuffed with eggs, bacon, chopped green chile, cheddar cheese and salsa.  The food was fantastic and the line was out the door when we left.  We'll go back again for sure and maybe grab a muffaletta, Cuban or bahn mi to go.

Looking east from Bar M

Since the Moab Brand trails are right on the road out of town, that's where we rode, doing our Rusty Spur/Bar M loop twice.  When we finished up, there were close to twenty other cars in the lot but we'd seen scarcely anyone out on the trails.  I'm definitely getting stronger with my climbing skills, but seemingly having the place to ourselves - not having anyone charging downhill at me - helps with the confidence.

And that's how we roll

After that, there was nothing left to do but change, drink a PBR and head to Green River, where we scored seats at the bar at Ray's Tavern for their fantastic burgers and hand-cut fries.  We stopped for gas and a famed Green River melon; the skies opened up; and we headed north in a downpour.  Once again, a damn fine trip to Moab - can't wait until we get back down there again.

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