Monday, September 8, 2014

curses, foiled again

Darn these mountains and their tendency to gather the weather!  No, not really: it's these mountains and their tendency to gather the weather that brings all the delicious snow in the wintertime.  But in the summertime, the mountains tend to attract thunderstorms and lightning which [obviously] impacts outdoor activities.

We had planned to do the Lofty Lake hike on Saturday; I was stoked about that because we haven't done that hike since 2010 and it's just beautiful.  But the forecast for the Uintas was a 50% chance of thunderstorms - and 50% is too high out here.  So we regrouped and thought, well, maybe we'll MTB at Round Valley instead and then do the Lofty Lakes hike on Sunday.  But the forecast for Park City was a 50% chance of thunderstorms.

So we did valley stuff - H went for a road ride and I went for a walk/run - and then, later that afternoon, considered going up to Snowbird for Oktoberfest.  But then the partly-cloudy skies over the Wasatch Front changed to all-cloudy and the breeze picked up, and I declared that Oktoberfest in the cold and rain is not that much of a party.  We threw stuff on the grill for dinner and, after checking the evening's forecast (mostly clear in SLC; clear in Provo), thought we might cruise on down to Sundance for their full moon chairlift rides.  But then we double-checked the schedule and realized that the full moon chairlift rides happen on the actual full moon - this coming Tuesday - instead of the closest weekend (when they might actually have some folks who want to ride - who's going to drive all the way out there on a Tuesday?), so we didn't do that either.

All these plans come to naught.  It was okay.  We opened all the windows to catch the cool breezes as a monster thunderstorm blew through and watched the Real Salt Lake game on t.v. (RSL won).  Some days, it just happens that way.

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