Tuesday, January 20, 2015

a little bit more

Sunday, day #2 of the long Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend, was slightly cloudier, slightly warmer, slightly windier and a whole lot crowded-er than Saturday had been.  There was even a tiny little bit more snow, with one to two new inches having come in overnight.  We did three runs on Collins to start, including our first time of the season into the Ballroom.  The traverse in was pretty sketchy with lots of whoop-de-doos; one woman ahead of us was really tentative, snowplowing down the traverse itself.  She seemed so nervous and out of her depth that we weren't even annoyed with her, instead skiing around her and continuing on.  The Ballroom itself skied okay - the snow was beaten down from all the skier traffic but still soft.

Devil's Castle in the morning

We moved over to Sugarloaf, starting off with a flyer and then a run down Chartreuse Nose which was still holding up well.  After that, we did a run into Devil's Castle which was also still good.  We then skied over to Supreme for runs in Catherine's Area.  We also got into the high gates off Rock N' Roll, the traverse of which spits you out under the cliffs approaching the Apron.  Not many people had been in there and we found some deep snow in a tree-lined chute (and I did a somersault over a fallen tree that H managed to hop right over).  It was back to Catherine's for more hiking/skiing after that.  The snow was holding up and I was finally feeling like I was skiing pretty well.

In the trees/chutes near the Apron

After lunch we did a cabin run, then hiked back into Devil's Castle.  For the run-out we went far to skier's right through trees and chutes in Boulder Basin (?) stuffed with deep but heavy snow.  Then it was back to Supreme and Catherine's Area for laps until my legs gave out.  There were WAY more people on Sunday - which we did not at all expect.  They had to extend the corral at Supreme and we had to wait a while even in the singles line.  Strangely lunch wasn't crowded at all - we guessed they were all still standing in the Supreme corral.

Waiting to drop in

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