Friday, January 30, 2015

lemonade from lemons, winter edition

The National Weather Service got the forecast bang on the money for Sunday: thin clouds to start and then clearing to sunny.  It was also warmer right from the first chair; I was dressed perfectly for the morning but felt overdressed for the afternoon as the temperatures crept closer to springtime.  Since it was so much warmer, my feet never got cold and as much as I want it to be winter again (please, please, get cold and snow and be winter again!), I am grateful whenever my feet don't get cold.

Pretty, pretty day

Supreme stayed busy all day and the trails off Sugarloaf were well-populated.  It never seemed all that crowded, however, and at lunchtime there were plenty of empty tables at Alf's - although lots of folks were taking advantage of the warmer temperatures and sitting outside.  In the afternoon, the snow softened and got fun to ski on, especially Upper Big Dipper off the Supreme chair.  I was on my old Volkls - just taking them out for a spin for the heck of it - and I could definitely feel the difference between them and my new Salomons.  The Volkls are very light and easy to turn and my knees didn't ache halfway through the afternoon, but I did actually miss my Salomons because they have more of an edge at this point, plus the Volkls just seemed a bit too light.  As much as we desperately want it to snow (and snow a lot), it was a stunning, gorgeous day to be out skiing.

Sunday's statistics:  21 runs; 29,753 vertical.  And in comparison, Mt. Everest is 29, 029 feet high.

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