Saturday, May 21, 2016

never on saturdays

After being cranky for a week about having to be back at work, it was once again the weekend!  There was some discussion over chicken wings at the Wing Coop Friday night whether we should go hiking or MTBing on Saturday: the final decision was MTBing since the weather was looking iffier for Sunday and it's always better to ride when it's dry.

We didn't get the earliest of starts - on the trail at 10 a.m. - but even so I was surprised by how many people were out on Round Valley's lovely trails.  Tons of dogs and their people (there are new signs saying that all of Round Valley's trails are now leash-free, except within 150 feet of the parking lots), trail runners, walker and oodles of MTBers.  Everyone was very pleasant but many seemed new to the trails and we found ourselves pulling over for other riders even if we were the ones going uphill.

At the top of the Sweet Sixteen switchbacks

Still, the trails were dry and in very good shape; the temperature was very nice for riding; and it was a lovely day, even with the headwind on the uphill return to the truck.  I found myself a little timid on some of the loose rock but ended up climbing well, only walking two switchbacks of the Sweet Sixteen and making it up the Staircase with no problems.  Over post-ride recovery beers, we agreed that while it was good to be back MTBing in Park City, this would be the last time (if possible) that we would ride on a Saturday: too many people.  It's great to see so many folks out and enjoying the trails and the nice weather.  I just don't want to ride with them.

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