Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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Ah, shoulder season.  When the ski resorts are closed (except for Snowbird, but with the tram and Peruvian chair down, access is extremely limited) but the hiking and MTBing trails are still too wet.  The weather is eccentric - over 36" at the 'Bird this last week - with storms of the rain and snow variety moving through quickly, and it tends to be chilly.  Shoulder season is, for us, an opportunity to be at home: mow the lawn for the first time, chip away at the weeding, fold all that clean laundry that has been languishing on the guest room bed, dehydrate veggies and ground beef for future camping trips, switch over the gear in the mudroom from winter activities to summer ones.  All that is good and important but doesn't lend itself towards compelling blog posts.  So instead, here are some of my favorite photos from our Alta ski season.

November 27th - the season is just beginning

Blue skies over the High Traverse (and soft snow under it)

Christmas Day

Supreme chair the day after Christmas

January 2 - let the telemark skiing begin

Catherine's Area after a mid-January storm

Not many people in Catherine's Area that day

Mid-March, by the looks of the beard

Me, dwarfed by the Ballroom

I ain't afraid

Closing day

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