Saturday, July 23, 2016

yet another blue sky day

A coworker recently teased me about the fact that we do the same MTB ride at Round Valley all the time.  "Don't you get tired of it?  Can't you go on different trails?"  I don't get tired of it - I still can't ride the whole thing without some hike-a-bike, although I almost can - and it's still challenging enough that I have to stay focused and engaged or otherwise fall over into a sagebrush.  We certainly could go on different trails, and we've got our eye on the addition of a different section that would cut out some pavement, but as it stands, this loop is a good distance and difficulty level, especially if we've done a more challenging hike the day before.  H may be getting a little tired of it by now, but he has said that if given the choice between two hours/20 miles on a MTB and 35 miles on a road bike, he'd pick the MTB every time.  It's just more FUN.

And Sunday was fun.  The wind wasn't nearly as strong as it had been the last weekend, which was much appreciated.  We started at 8:30 a.m., which meant it was just a touch warmer with just a few more people out there, but trail traffic was still pretty light.  We had a nice conversation with a local woman, out walking her eight year old golden retriever (dog's name: Lola; woman's name: ???), talking about Round Valley's recent move to off-leash status and Vail's recent withdrawal of their application to trademark the name "Park City."  [Note: locals are in favor of the off-leash and were vehemently not in favor of Vail trying to co-opt their town's name.]

My shirt matches the sky

I was focusing better and seemed to be more on my game than the weekend before.  That is also more FUN.  Things are dry and dusty out there - we could really use some rain to pack things down and cool things off - but it is all rideable and, as my legs get stronger as the summer winds on, rideable better.

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