Monday, October 3, 2016

seven years

Another October 3rd, another move-iversary.  Seven years (as a reminder: our "year" goes from October through September, corresponding with our arrival in Salt Lake City) here and once again, this past year has just flown by.  Sometimes it doesn't seem to be going quickly at all - like when I'm doing my morning commute, which has gotten slower as the valley traffic increases - and then we look at the calendar and realize that we are only weeks away from ski season, when it only just seems like the lifts stopped turning.  To recap, here's what we did this past year:

October 2015 - trip to Bryce National Park, Cedar Breaks, Moab and surrounds; MTBing

November 2015 - annual Sol-Bright hike; final MTB of the season; ski season opens; Cold Turkey run Thanksgiving morning

December 2015 - skiing, with H's switch to telemark skiing nearly full-time

January 2016 - skiing; boozy milkshakes for A's birthday

February 2016 - skiing                              March 2016 - skiing, including H's run down Main Chute

April 2016 - last month of skiing

May 2016 - Moab trip, including camping at Needles District; home turf MTBing; rain

June 2016 - first gin and tonic of the season; A's personal best at the Crack of Dawn race; weather got hot; MTBing; Wasatch Front hiking begins

July 2016 - hiking on almost all new-to-us trails; MTBing; wildflowers

August 2016 - MTBing, including 54+ mile rail trail ride; wildflowers; Tour of Utah; visit from H's folks; Salt Lake Bees game; hiking, including 16+ mile Alta Dry Fork/Mineral Basin loop

September 2016 - hiking, MTBing, New Mexico trip

And another October means another year ahead of us.  What will this one bring?  Check back here and find out!

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