Thursday, October 13, 2016

visitors: sundance

We've had house-guests in town: G, H's friend since kindergarten, and T, his awesome wife.  They came in late Friday night and despite our keeping them up even later, got up and were ready to go explore northern Utah.  Since they live practically at sea level, they did ask us to take it easy on them with the hiking; it's been so beautiful out that we were happy to oblige, just glad to get a few more days in the sunshine before the weather turns its thoughts to winter.

On Saturday, we took them over Traverse Ridge and up American Fork Canyon, driving the Alpine Loop through its gorgeous groves of golden aspen.  We landed at Sundance which was super-busy: it was the last weekend of summer activities, so there were lots of MTBers and sightseers riding the chairlift.  In addition, since we were last at Sundance they have put in an amazing zip line park - with the third longest span in the country - and there were tons of people doing that too.

We opted to simply ride the chair up and take a short mid-mountain hike, chatting with the zip line operators and watching the zippers fly around overhead.  While it did look like fun, some of those spans were REALLY high above the ground.  Sundance's zip lines put both Snowbird's and PCMR's to shame.

Motley crew

We were in need of sustenance at that point and scored a corner table in the Owl Bar.  Some beers and an amazing order of nachos later (seriously: those nachos were superb), we headed home for the rest of the afternoon and evening which we spent catching up.  Both G and T said they could feel the effects of the altitude so we wanted to ease them into it - we had plans to take them up to 10,000 feet the next day!

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