Wednesday, December 7, 2016

digging the crowds

Conditions-wise, Sunday was a repeat of Saturday with the snow holding its own.  We stuck with our rock skis because there were a few stones making their way up to the surface but since we also stuck with the groomers - stiff legs - our bases remained largely unscathed.  The weather was about the same as well, although we did have sunshine for the first three runs which was a nice reprieve from the flat light, with the clouds moving in mid-morning.  It was a few degrees warmer all day, however, and my fingers and toes appreciated that.

The crowds were down from Saturday, with the novelty of opening having worn off and no new snow to entice many more than the diehards.  We, the diehards, appreciated this: we were at the front of the line when Collins opened and then we never had to stand in line the rest of the day.  While pre-Christmas skiing can be hit-or-miss with the conditions, we absolutely love the fact that so few people are skiing then.

Before the clouds rolled back in

The most amazing part of Sunday was this: as we were coming through the gates at Collins for the second time, we got a huge hug from Martha from Skier Services, also known as She Who Must Be Obeyed in the Lift Lines.  We only ever see Martha from going through the lift lines but she knows our names from the season passes.  Usually she just says hello but this time we merited a hug!

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