Wednesday, June 28, 2017

yak attack

H is really in the zone right now on his bike, and went for a 72+ road ride Saturday morning, his longest ride since (I believe) 2012.  While he was riding from our house to the top of Emigration Canyon and back (and then some), I just went for a run on my regular loop from the house; when he goes on long rides, I like to stick close to home in case he gets two flat tires and needs a pick-up.  It was a gorgeous morning, not too hot, and I managed to meet several friendly dogs (and their people), including one sweetie who looked just like a slightly smaller version of our pre-Becky dog, Yukon.

That evening, as it had warmed up considerably in the valley, we packed our cooler and went up to Snowbird for the Cool Air Concert series.  We had to park further down than usual, halfway to the lower lot, in fact, due to the weekend's Adventure + Gear Fest (which, I don't know how we hadn't heard about that).

Mountain brews

The evening's [free] entertainment was a little different from the usual bands they get for the Cool Air Concert Series.  The opener was DJ Che, a local club DJ spinning the tunes - or at least syncing up the files on his laptop.  The headliner was Yak Attack, a Portland, Oregon, "live electronica trio."  Featuring a percussionist, bassist and keyboardist, they blended jazz, funk, house and electronic music, including live loops set up by the keyboardist.  It was mellow and pretty funky stuff, and the photo below doesn't show that there were actually a fair number of people up dancing, including a group of kids who danced for the entire set.  

They even got called back for multiple encores, which was pretty cool even with a smaller crowd than they're likely used to playing.  Their music isn't what I'd search out to see live but it would be great playing in the background all day at home or at work. 

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