Friday, June 2, 2017

not my finest hour

It was back to Round Valley for our regular loop on Sunday.  We weren't sure what sort of crowds we might find - prior Memorial Day weekends have been hit-or-miss: sometimes slammed, sometimes sparse.  We parked at Quinn's Trailhead (again avoiding the extra paved bike path mileage) and got out on it before 9:45 a.m.  The weather was gorgeous, cool and dry and just a little wind.  There were of course other folks out on the trails - MTBers, trail runners and a fair number of dog walkers - but per usual, we didn't seem to encounter much traffic until we had finished most of our climbing and were heading down Rambler (official trail name) via the Sagebrush Switchbacks (our terminology).

I realize it can still be considered early season, but I am suffering from a marked lack of confidence ever since the Klonzo Trails in Moab, and it has spilled over into my riding at my home trail.  I don't know from where it stems - maybe that fall in December when I hurt my shoulder and now I'm nervous about falling and hurting it again?  Whatever it is, it's all in my head and it's terribly annoying.  When I finally reached the top of Sweet Sixteen (our name for the climbing portion of Rambler), I was mad at myself because I put my foot down on FOUR different switchbacks.  Four - when I had ridden all but 1.5 of them the time before!  Whatever it is, I need to get over it because I can ride more than that.

H, on the other hand, is in terrific shape from all the riding he has been doing.  He had to wait for me a lot this time.  Perhaps I'll tuck some rocks into his hydration pack next time.  If it doesn't slow him down, at least he'll have to work a little harder.

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