Friday, October 16, 2009

insider information

A word here about this great book we’ve been using and dog-earing ever since our first trip to Utah: the Insiders’ Guide: Salt Lake City. We have the fourth edition (copyright 2004) and I’m sure there have been updated editions released, but boy, I love this book. It has yet to steer us wrong: Fiddler’s Elbow, Little America Hotel and Towers, Ruth’s Diner, Lone Star Taqueria, Beans and Brews coffee shop, Desert Edge Brewery, Red Rock Brewery, the Shooting Star Saloon (Huntsville), Rooster’s 25th Street Brewing Co. (Ogden), Wasatch Brew Pub (Park City), etc. Aside from the food and drink listings, the book is packed with information on day trips, hikes, skiing, neighborhoods, used bookstores, you name it. Now that we’re here, I think we’d like to pick up a newer edition but in the meantime, this guidebook is our constant companion.

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  1. Another point in the Insider column: sending us to the Cotton Bottom Inn in Holladay. Post forthcoming.