Thursday, October 15, 2009

snow in solitude

October 7, 2009, Wednesday. Another clear, cold and sunny day – love it. We tossed the dog in the car and took a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon, nearly all the way to the end to Silver Lake, just before Brighton ski resort, at the Solitude Nordic Center. Once we got there, we learned that dogs are not allowed out and about in the canyon because it’s an environmentally protected watershed so B had to guard the car instead. She’s fine with that – means she can sleep more.

We tried to hike to Lake Solitude but lost the trail and decided that bushwhacking in 8 inches of snow while wearing short cotton socks was not the best idea. Still, the skies were perfectly clear and deep blue and the aspens were just brilliant against them. It was wonderful to just get out and walk for a while.

After the little hike we split a quick sandwich from Subway and then went to the Bohemian Brewery (94 East 7200 South, Midvale). This place is newish, I guess, and I don’t think it was open when we were last in SLC because we’d never heard of it. And we pretty much scout out every brewpub in the area when we’re on vacation. The Bohemian brews Czech-style beers, only four different ones; we each had an amber which was good enough, but expensive (over $7.00 for a 20-oz. beer – it’s all low alcohol, keep your pants on). The bar ceiling was decorated with tons of dried hops – very cool – and we did get some free peanuts to snack on.

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