Thursday, June 9, 2011

don't be a joey

This technically counts as a ski season post topic, but (1) since I forgot to post it this winter and (2) since Snowbird is planning on being open until July 4th and Snowbasin is reopening on the weekends until further notice, it's still technically ski season.  So.  When our ski friends were out here in March, Chris mentioned that his teenaged daughter and her buddies had a name for all the goobers out there that you don't want to ride the chairlift with - they're all Joeys.  I immediately latched onto this - because then I could ski up to H in the liftline and say, out loud, "OMG, did you see what Joey was wearing?" plus we could yell "Joey!!!" at people from the chairlift, in each case without fear of offending anyone.  We then had to come up with a list of who qualifies as a Joey (Andrea was totally appalled that we came up with so many in such a short time).

If you don't want to be a Joey, don't get caught on the hill with the following:
  • fur-lined hood
  • one-piece ski suit
  • fanny pack
  • NFL jacket (unzipped) worn over a hooded sweatshirt
  • rear-entry boots
  • flowered gaiters
  • helmet cover (spikes, fins, dreads, etc.) if you're an adult
  • costume - unless it's some special dress-up ski day
  • bouquet of lift tickets / series of lift tickets stuck onto each other
  • perfect feathered hair & sunglasses combination (especially if it's snowing)
Feel free to leave additional Joeys in the comments!  And remember, friends don't let friends be a Joey.

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