Saturday, August 25, 2012

movie night

H and I don't have a lot of favorite movies in common: my tastes run more towards 28 Days Later, Let the Right One In (Swedish version) and Alien; he likes Blazing Saddles and Office Space.  One movie we do agree on, however, is The Princess Bride so when we saw that Snowbird was playing for their final free Family Flicks, outside under the stars, we knew we had to go.  We packed a cooler with sandwiches, popcorn, pretzel, PBRs and white wine, grabbed a couple of folding chairs and got up there about forty minutes before sunset.  The plaza deck was full of people - and would ended up being packed, shoulder to shoulder - apparently The Princess Bride was quite a popular choice.  They show the films up on the side of the big cement building that houses the tram cars, a perfect place to show a movie.  It was a lot of fun, especially since there seemed to be quite a few people who'd never seen the flick before.  (There were plenty of fans, however, who cheered when Inigo Montoya confronted the count, plus the final Westley vs. Humperdink scene.)

This was the last one for the season.  Snowbird had shown eleven movies over the course of the summer, each Friday night, with the theme of PG movies from the 1980s and early '90s.  (We should have gone to the June 29th show, E.T., since H has never seen that one.)  The Snowbird staff was taking requests and suggestions for next summer's series.  I hope they pick some good ones because this is a great way to get out of the heat of the city and enjoy a free movie, surrounded by these incredible Wasatch Front mountains.

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