Monday, December 3, 2012

not much new

Snow is scarce around here: by Saturday morning, we'd only had a scant new inch or two.  Not that that stopped us from going up to Alta and doing our regular ski-'til-about-1 thing.  There was hardly anyone up there, the weather and temperature were about where they've been of late and the snow was okay - dense and firm but not frozen solid.  We did ski in the trees next to the Collins lift (Fred's Slot area) where we found it a bit of a struggle to turn in the compacted snow, necessitating a slow pace and hop turns.  We did a couple of runs in the Ballroom, which was in pretty good condition, considering; I took a tumble off the traverse on our first run there, wrenching my back a little but not so badly that I couldn't keep skiing, including a second run in the Ballroom.  And for lunch we treated ourselves - okay, to be honest: H treated us - to the 2012/2013 season's first plateful of Watson Shelter chili-cheese fries - yum!  (Note: if you get these, don't go with the vegetarian chili as it's not as good as the meat-ed version.)

Wintry scene at Alta

Here's hoping we get some colder temperatures and lots more snow soon.

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