Wednesday, January 16, 2013

no go

After no snow since December 28, we finally got ourselves a storm from Thursday through Saturday morning, clearing out the inversion and bringing some of the white stuff.  Unfortunately, it was an "upside-down storm," meaning that the Cottonwood Canyons only got about a foot of new snow while the Salt Lake valley, benches and up north received 18-26 inches.  Not fair (unless you're a Snowbasin skier, in which case you were PSYCHED)!  The system also brought in some wickedly cold temperatures, thereby ensuring that we did not go skiing, as much as we were jonesing for it:  Alta's ambient temperatures averaged -5 F on Saturday and -15 F on Sunday, with the wind chill in the -25 F range.  I just can't handle those temperatures - my fingers and toes get cold so quickly and it's just no fun going in for a half hour after each run to warm up.  You Eastern skiers will call us spoiled Western wimps but I don't care.  I'm just glad to have avoided frostbite in all my extremities.

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