Tuesday, January 1, 2013

snow days

Lucky dog H has been on vacation since Christmas Eve, so he's gotten quite a few more ski days in than I have, even with taking a few off for Utah ski-snobbery (i.e., not going due to overcast, extra cold and no new snow conditions).  Here, in broad strokes, are his days on the hill - and by "hill" I mean Alta, of course:

Christmas Eve storm skiing

Christmas Eve - He had a great day on Christmas Eve as it snowed all day, filling in his tracks from run to run.  It wasn't particularly crowded either, plus he saw an ermine on the Sugarloaf chair.  H was on the chair, not the ermine; the ermine was scampering underneath it.

Starting to pile up on Christmas Eve

Thursday, 12/27 - After deciding to skip Boxing Day due to the windy conditions, he headed back up on the day after the day after Christmas, where once again it was snowing like gangbusters.  Being the vacation week and all, it was pretty busy but he stuck to Supreme Bowl and Catherine's Area, riding the singles line at the Supreme chair, and had another fantastic day.

More storm skiing

Friday, 12/28 - The storm petered out on Friday, swirling a few more flurries around in the morning and then clearing up to spectacular blue skies after lunch.  There was some great snow to play in - a little heavier than earlier in the week, but still deep and soft, especially over in Catherine's where most of the vacationing hoi polloi fear to tread - and the day turned out beautiful.  The lodges were quite busy at lunch, however, which would be a harbinger for our Saturday to come.

Top of Supreme after the storm moved out

New Year's Eve - Despite no new snow since the last storm moved out Friday morning, H took his telemark skis up for some turns on New Year's Eve.  He was on the fence for a while, given the no new snow thing, but ended up going up the canyon around 10 a.m. - and still managed to get a parking spot in the front row (although Alf's was pretty packed around lunchtime).  In-and-out clouds and cold temperatures (20s in the valley and only 4 F mid-mountain) and groomers to close out 2012.

Riding Supreme chair NYE

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