Thursday, January 24, 2013

three in a row

Monday at Alta turned out to be very much like Saturday and Sunday - a little warmer, a little less crowded,  quite a few more tele-skiers, same snow conditions.  We even skied on the same schedule, riding the Sugarloaf chair the morning and Supreme in the afternoon.

Sunshiny in Catherine's Area

Towards the end of our day, we ventured into the trees under the Castle Apron.  The snow was pretty good in there, tracked out, of course, but staying fairly soft.  Between the late runs in Catherine's and the runs in there, I was finally feeling like I could ski again, more comfortable maneuvering in the bumps and ruts.  Of course, I did find myself perched atop a big ol' cliff at one point, with H staring up at me from down below and wondering how I managed to get there.  Some careful backtracking and some quick turns in some trees later and I was safely down.

Arrow points to me, up on the cliff

We've got some weather moved in now - a rare freezing rain that really messed up Thursday morning's commute - and some snow to come.  We're hoping that it'll clear out the inversion and drop some much needed inches in the mountains.  The holiday weekend was fun and all, but we're really ready for some snow.

Much as I love that sky, I'd trade it 
for a snowstorm in a minute

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