Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ditto, mostly

Sunday stacked up pretty close to Saturday.  We got six inches of super-fluffy snow overnight.  The visibility was a little better, it was a little colder and VERY crowded, at least until after lunch when everyone but the tourists (and us) left.

The near edge of Catherine's Area

We did manage to score first tracks on our very first run, diving in through the gates into Yellow Trail as soon as we got off the Collins lift.  The snow there and on East Greely was, as previously mentioned, super-fluffy and seemed deeper than the measured six inches.  We finished that run down through the Glitch or Glatch chutes, enjoying it the whole way down.

When we cruised over to the Supreme chair, we were surprised to discover that the higher elevations hadn't gotten as much snow as over on the backside.  Still, we hiked into Catherine's Area first thing and nabbed more freshies on our run there.  With so little new snow it didn't take long to get tracked out but we felt pretty good about scoring two runs' worth of firsts.

A enjoying Catherine's Area

Neither Devil's Castle nor East Castle were open but we skied the day on Supreme and Sugarloaf, taking a couple of fun runs down through the cabins in the woods between the two lifts, hiking/traversing into Catherine's a bunch, checking out Keyhole Gulch and Glory Gulch.  We stayed out until nearly 3 p.m., when my knees started complaining about the stiffness of the moguls.  We decided that it wasn't the best weekend, what with only getting 11" instead of the 20+ we'd been promised ... and then we decided we were truly being Utah ski snobs for complaining about only getting 11".

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