Wednesday, February 20, 2013

wrong wax

We played our Utah ski snob card and didn't ski Sunday due to the measly one inch of new snow and heavily-overcast sky, instead going to breakfast at Ruth's which was lovely despite the fact that they've changed their corned beef hash recipe (boo! hiss!).  Monday found us back on the hill, however, along with the hordes of holiday skiers and vacation-goers.  It was quite cold in the morning - around 9 F - despite the sunny skies, very different from just a couple days previously.  Because of the cold temperatures the snow was extremely sticky; H clearly had the wrong wax on his AC-4s, finding it difficult to turn, much less traverse across the flats.  I don't have any wax left on my Volkls so I found it slow going too.

Ooh - that looks pretty good

Per usual, we skied Supreme in the morning, enjoying Catherine's as we always do.  After a crowded lunch (the guys manning the hot chocolate station at Alf's are starting to recognize me now), we rode the Sugarloaf chair up and hiked into Devil's Castle, retracing my route from Saturday and going way, way in on the lower traverse.  We ended up nearly underneath the Apron and H was delighted in the soft snow we found there, remarking that he wished he had his new, wider skis for it.  It's been skied out in there, obviously, but very few people on the mountain that day were willing to do that much work to get in that far so we had the run to ourselves.

A in the Castle

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing around in Catherine's and the trees in Evergreen and under the Apron.  The sky clouded up a little, enough to bring a sundog around the sun but not so much as to give us flat light, but temperatures warmed up, making the skiing a little less labor-intensive and the bumps a little softer.  We skied out a little earlier than last time, getting back to the truck around 3 p.m.  It had been another good ski weekend, nice to see the vacationers here spending their money on the mountain, although we'd sure like some more snow.  The conditions are still pretty good - no ice - but everything's beat up.  There are some imminent storms, however, so maybe next weekend will have some fluffy stuff to play in.

In Devil's Castle, looking towards the Apron

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